About Us
Our Goal

The Miss Mt. Nebo Pageant is sponsored by the Dardanelle Area Chamber of Commerce and is a great opportunity for young ladies to develop self-confidence, hone their interview skills and build lifetime friendships with one another. Our mission is to assist them in building these qualities by having interview, swimsuit, evening gown and on stage question competitions. All of these events help young ladies to develop important job interviewing skills, poise, competitive presentation, and public speaking skills. These characteristics are important now when competing in school sponsored clubs, such as Future Business Leaders of America, and will become even more important in the future.

Who Can Compete

The Miss Mt. Nebo Pageant is open to all girls ages 0-24 who reside in the state of Arkansas. There is now also a Mrs. Division which is open to married women ages 18 and up that live in the state of Arkansas.
The Miss Mt. Nebo Pageant is split up into several divisioins. Girls ages 0-10 will compete in the morning pageant which begins at 10 AM. Ladies ages 11 and up will compete in an evening pageant which begins at 6 PM (a private interview will be conducted prior to the pageant).

The pageant divisions are as follows:

Baby Miss - 0-18 Months
Toddler Miss - 19-35 Months
Tiny Miss - 3-4 Years Old
Lil' Miss - 5-7 Years Old
Petite Miss - 8-10 Years Old

Jr. Miss - 11-13 Years Old
Teen Miss - 14-16 Years Old
Miss Mt. Nebo - 17-24 Years Old
Mrs. Mt. Nebo - Married Women Ages 18 and Up

About the Competition

Contestants in the Baby and Toddler Miss divisions will only compete in an evening gown competition. Contestants in the Tiny, Lil' and Petite Miss divisions will compete in both a casual/school wear competition and an evening gown competition.

Contestants in the Jr., Teen, Miss, and Mrs. divisions will have an interview with the judges (Interview Attire) at 1:00 p.m. The Jr. Miss Division will have an interview that consists of introducing themselves and questions about items from their fact sheets. Their on-stage question will be chosen from the interview by the judges.  The Teen Miss, Miss, and Mrs. Divisions will have a more in depth interview.
The pageant will be held on Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m.  The Jr. & Teen Miss will have an on-stage question which will come from interview and the Miss  and Mrs. will have an onstage question which will be drawn from a fish bowl.  For the Jr. & Teen contestants there will be an athletic/sportswear competition, where slider shorts and a sports bra are suggested (no props) and for the Miss & Mrs. divisions there will be a swimwear competition (pageant appropriate swimwear, 1 or 2 piece).  Taupe, tan, or clear heels are suggested for this portion of the competition.  
All divisions will have an Evening Gown Competition.

The Walk Patterns